Lessons from the election

First, let me gloat that my prediction was mostly correct. Biden “won.” I accurately predicted the will of the elite. Whether or not Trump was in on 2016 or if he’s just a useful idiot remains to be seen: if he concedes, he’s in on it. If he hangs on to the end, he’s probably not.

What I got wrong was in thinking that people would actually vote for Biden. They didn’t. That settles it: “the masses” is like a dog, not a rock. If you poke it with a stick it gets mad. But it has no memory and forgives if you give it a treat. If Biden assumes office, no one will ever hold the fraudsters accountable for their actions.

We have also learned that the elite are idiots. More specifically, ~120-130 IQ and loosely coordinated, probably not strictly coordinated. Only by the grace that the masses are practically retarded is this fraud business going according to plan. It’s hyperobvious and if smarter people had power against the perpetrators, there’d probably already be people in jail right now.

It was a sloppy, emergency job. Statistics alone prove Trump is the rightful winner of the election. In particular that is Benford’s law and the discrepencies between legislative and presidential ballots. The suspicious timing of ballot counting is icing on the cake.

I’ve also been graced with a new stupidity detecting heuristic (the others are HBD and Jewish influence). Fraud deniers are some of the cringiest bunch I’ve seen. The exact epitome of pseud. So many rationalist and wignat griftors are saying garbage like “well technically it says in the lugenpresse that Benford’s law doesn’t 100% prove fraud and nobody has paid me shekels to learn about the law and the current evidence so it’s still a mystery as to whether or not fraud happened.” No. It happened. LMAO.

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