Biden will win.

95% chance, and if he doesn’t, there’ll most likely be an economic crisis during Trump’s second term. Either way, the right looks terrible despite Trump actually being a liberal.

My main evidence is the media’s behavior and that of the Democrats. Hillary was a terrible candidate. Biden and Diversity Token are much better. Trump has also cooled himself down too much, he’s very low energy. And he handles the coronavirus thing as terribly as possible.

His polls are historically terrible but the media isn’t hyping that up like in 2016. Thus no equal and opposite reaction.

He’s failed white people. We’re screwed either way, and he deserves to lose. Depending on a few things he may be devastated or he may not be. And either way, I predict the right will look terrible.

We just can’t win, can we? We need more money. The only guy willing to stand up for us is a total fraud.

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